Process and Actions of YFO for Legislation.

Early 2014
Official Meet
Meet Director to discuss wrong policies.
Human Right of Yoga Professionals

Yogacharya Viney Pushkarna, Yogacharya Pooja Tiwari and Yogacharya Sudha Bedi shows guts to talk to director of MDNIY who was policy maker of yoga and told him that he is doing wrong with yoga by his suggested policies.

2014 - 2019
Information Gather
Gather Information about various Sections.

Yogacharya Viney Pushkarna and Yogacharya Pooja Tiwari worked hard to collect information about all sections and rules in yoga, government policies and their working concept.

13 Oct 2020
Introducing Concept of Legislation
viney pushkarna

Yogacharya Viney Pushkarna introduce the concept of Legislation in filed of Yoga for overall development of all yogic professionals. This system is based on yogic educational qualification and authentication process. 

19 Nov 2020
Blue Print Discussed
First Blue Print discussed with team.

In November, the blueprint was shared with the Yoga Front team, in which all the members' opinions were sought and suggestions were collected for its improvement.

21 Feb 2021
Improvements Done
Draft for Legislation.
Indian Law

In January 2021, a fine draft was made to make a law for yoga by making several amendments. Which was also discussed with some government officials as well as it was written in the simple  language with the help of language experts.

10 March 2021
Meet Government Officials
Reach Government Officials for Law

In March 2021, many politicians, government officials were requested by the organization to make legislation / legislation in the field of yoga. We meet with 

  • S. Fateh Jang Singh Bajwa (Congress)
  • Sh. Om Parkash Soni (Congress)
  • Adv. Jagroop Singh Sekhwan (AAP)
  • Sh. V. Ujjwal (IAS Officer)
  • Adv. A. Aggarwal (HHL)
  • Mrs. Geeta Sharma (SAD now Congress)
  • Mrs. Shalini Dutta (Congress)
20 March 2021
Memorandum to Delhi Government

On 20 March 2021, the first memorandum was given by the President of the institution to the Delhi State Government, in which it was asked to make a law for yoga and to protect the rights / interests of the education yoga practitioners. 

1 May 2021
Opposing Draft on Yogic Law
Opposing Draft by an organization

During this, the so-called guru of yoga suddenly started speaking against the law for yoga front and was seen opposing the law for yoga. And started saying that there is no need of law, many laws have been made in the past also, are there no crimes etc. Due to which every effort was made to disturb this fight of law. Proof Attached


27 June 2021
Live Talk about Legislation
Live Talk with Adv. R.S Dhull Sir

Yog Front Organization have organized an online Fact Talk on Law of Yoga with renown personality Advocate Ravinder Singh Dhull. Who is the advocate in Punjab and Harayana High Court.

23 August 2021
Memorandum to Punjab Government.

During this, a memorandum was sent to the Chief Minister of Punjab, and keeping in front of him the problems of teachers educated in yoga, a demand was made to make a law in the field of yoga, in response to which he assured to meet soon. He also got a copy of the blue print of the draft of the law made by the Yoga Front organization, on which talks were held with his secretary from time to time, suddenly on 19 September 2021, after the resignation of the Chief Minister, the matter stopped for some time. .

14 Dec 2021
Appeal to authorities.
An open appeal to authorities.

Law for Yoga

योग अधिनियम

Legislation in field of Yoga

Yog Kanoon

योग कानून

Yoga Law

लॉ फॉर योग